About my personal projects and other stuff

Automatic citation extraction from URLs

pandoc-url2cite[1] allows you to instantly and transparently cite most papers directly given only a single URL. You simply add a URL of a publication, and it will replace that with a real citation in whatever CSL[2] style you want. This means you can avoid dealing with Mendeley[3] or Zotero[4] and »

rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.

rga is a line-oriented search tool that allows you to look for a regex in a multitude of file types. rga wraps the awesome ripgrep and enables it to search in pdf, docx, sqlite, jpg, zip, tar.*, movie subtitles (mkv, mp4), etc. github repo Linux build status Crates.io fearless »

Creating a blog

Hello World! I finally decided to make a blog to put my ramblings and projects. After some deliberation I settled on using next.js, so I can use React+TypeScript, don’t need a server and the website is accessible without JS enabled. The content is written as markdown, though I’m adding some neat »